Jianing aligning the strontium intercombination line laser

Photography by James Hii

Syed in front of the cold Cesium atoms experiment with superoscillation trapping field.

Current members

  • David Wilkowski¬†(Assoc. Prof., david.wilkowski[at]
  • Kwong Chang Chi (Post-Doc, changchikwong[at], SrI & SrII project
  • Syed Abdullah Aljunid (Post-Doc, syed.aljunid[at], Cs project
  • Ketan Damji Rathod(Post-Doc cqtkdr[at], SrI project
  • Swarup Das (Post-Doc das.swarup[ .), SrII project
  • Mehedi Hasan (PhD, MEHEDI001[at], SrI project
  • Chetan Sriram Madasu (PhD, CHETANSR001[at], SrI project
  • Li Jianing (PhD,liji0042[at], SrII project
  • Hamim Mahmud Rivy (PhD, cqthmr[at], Cs project
  • Hsu Chung Chuan, Michael (FYP, HSUC0003[at], SrII project
  • Lim Kelvin (PO, lim.kelvin[at], Cs project