Ultracold Gases & Nanophotonics
Job Offers

Job Offers

For any inquiries, contact David Wilkowski.

Post-Doctoral and research assistant positions

One senior post-doctoral position is open on quantum processors

The senior research fellow will supervise a team of 6-9 researchers working on several experimental platforms. Its main objective will be to implement the scientific program and coordinate the technical efforts among the platforms.

Three post-doctoral positions are open on quantum processors

Each research fellow will be in charge of an experimental platform. Its role will be to proceed to the necessary technical and scientific developments on the experimental setup. He or she will organize the daily work, and supervise the team attached to the experiment. He or she will coordinate data taking and analysis.

Three research assistant positions are open on quantum processors

The research assistant will support the experimental works, participate in the development of the experimental infrastructures, and be associated with data taking and analysis

Ph.D positions

Three PhD positions are open on quantum processors

Each PhD student will be affected to an experimental platform. In collaboration with a theory team, the PhD student will work on the scientific objectives and will implement them in the experiment.

One PhD position is open on quantum sensing

The successful candidate will use an existing setup to work on a test of quantum weak equivalence.

One PhD position is open on collective light-matter coupling

The successful candidate will generate a dense Bose-Einstein condensate on Strontium atoms and study the cooperativity of light emission.

Internships and Final Year projects

Projects for interns and final-year projects are available:

Other projects might be also available upon request.